Wonderful Wembury

A perfect day for a late afternoon dip…

The sea is probably pretty mild this year for the time of year; the air temperature has been mild and the sea has had the summer to warm up.  I am not convinced however.  A friend said ‘You’ll still be doing this at Christmas’, and whilst I’m going to give it a go, I’m not feeling confident.  This is the warmest end of the year and I’m already finding it a challenge!

When I’m in, I’m pleased I’m in but I’m not sure it’s enjoyable.  I can wade into the sea up to my tummy button, no trouble, but I struggle getting the bits above that into the water and certainly last time there was almost a burning sensation with the cold.

I think of the good it’s meant to be doing me (as long as I don’t get hypothermic) – stressing my body to potentially boost my immune system and generally give me a feel good feeling.  I so admire the ‘ladies who swim’ who glide effortlessly into the water and come out saying how wonderful it was.  I try to speak through uncontrollable shivering!

I think I’m hoping for an epiphany where I too say ‘isn’t the water wonderful’ when I’m in it and truly enjoy it.  For me, getting out, getting dry, getting a heap of warm clothes on and feeling a sense of achievement that I did get into the water and flounder around for a short time.  That is the best bit.