Wipe things touched

‘If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain’.  I have found a solution to my bother!

Today’s meal, mujadara, was very tasty, but as Melissa Clark says, looks a little drab.  As ever, I substituted what I didn’t have, so all spice became nutmeg, cayenne became ‘angry pasta’ (arabiatta) seasoning.  I added wild garlic to the lentils and rice, and some mushrooms that needed using to the onion topping.

I have no qualms about messing around with recipes like this, I figure if you know what’s gone into it, then (as long as I’ve definitely picked wild garlic) it’ll all be fine, it might just taste a bit odd.  What I need to learn is that I still don’t know enough about baking to do the same.

No buttermilk?  I’m sure soya milk with a squeeze of lemon will be fine.  Two tablespoons of sugar?  (Probably to ensure some kind of chemical reaction with the baking powder ensues?)  Too sweet, I’ll just leave it out.   Hence yesterday’s ‘brumplings’.  I choose to see it as a win though, since you can’t put dumplings in The Obliterator, so thawed and dunked brumplings will do just fine!