The Saltash Chronicles Embroidery Project

This community collective, headed up by Andrew Tritton, is creating twenty seven embroidered panels chronicling the history of Saltash.

Celtic Cross – Embroiderer Sharon Gallagher, Artwork SCEP

With the yarn coming from Bayeux, linen from Scotland and the frames on which they are currently held, made by inmates of Dartmoor, the panels will be joined to form a massive ‘tapestry’.

The revival of the tin mining industry – Embroiderer Sally Purssell, Artwork by SCEP


The market of St Nicholas – Embroiderer Sally Purssell, Artwork by SCEP

To see the part-finished (mostly) panels all together, snaking round the room was an insight into just how amazing the finished piece will look.  It was the first time the embroiderers had seen the panels together too; what a sense of achievement they must feel.

The Anglo Saxons – Embroiderer Helen Mudge, Artwork by SCEP

It was a blast from the past for me, being in my home town and seeing people I’ve known since childhood, a few of whom are involved in the project.

Major-General Sir William Penn Symons – Embroiderer Liz Bolt, Artwork by SCEP

To be finished by this time next year, I can’t wait to see it!