Pet Portraits

Black Labrador, acrylic, finished January 2019

‘Oliver’, acrylic, finished January 2019 (portrait at top of page)

‘Pickle’, acrylic

Poppy, acrylic

Poppy, acrylic

This is 5″ x 7″ in size and took three hours to complete, including the paper preparation.  I would describe it as lacking detail, but bears a passing resemblance to the ‘pet’.

Many of the canvas pet portraits have taken 20 plus hours to complete, and to try and capture the likeness of the animal.


Please contact me via email to enquire about commissioning a portrait:  Jane Bryan

Prices start from £200 for an unframed 8″ x 10″ sized canvas. (This is around A4 paper sized, slightly squarer in proportion.)

This cost  will increase for painting a larger canvas, and potentially if there is more than one animal per canvas, or a detailed background.  11″ x 14″ for example will be £250.  (This is around A3 paper size, but again, slightly less rectangular, more square.)

I generally work from photos, so the clearer the photo, then I hope, the better the portrait.  I usually work from a main photo, but use other photos as references for colour, expression, details of eyes, nose etc.

If you live locally and it is possible for me to take photos of your pet, then I am happy to do so.







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