April 2021


March 2021

The start of Spring.



I was recently commissioned to paint Rosie, a dear little old lady.  The frame matches that of a previously commissioned painting for the same client and I cut the mount to match too.

Firestone Bay

We’d intended a dip in the sea wearing full rubber armour, knowing that the ‘pretty purple pasties’ (Portuguese Man ‘o War) have been washing up for the last few weeks.  However, seeing one right in front of us, we decided the pool was a better option.

I wish I’d worn my silly swimming cap though, as we were (probably thankfully) in the water when this heavy downpour went through.

Whilst this might be the most comfortable I’ve felt in the water, I did some very uncontrollable shivering afterwards.  The couple already in the water when we arrived were in a different league.  She had had a baby seven weeks before and stayed in for 15 minutes.  He managed 30 mins.  I maybe managed 5 mins up to my neck.

Wonderful Wembury

A perfect day for a late afternoon dip…

The sea is probably pretty mild this year for the time of year; the air temperature has been mild and the sea has had the summer to warm up.  I am not convinced however.  A friend said ‘You’ll still be doing this at Christmas’, and whilst I’m going to give it a go, I’m not feeling confident.  This is the warmest end of the year and I’m already finding it a challenge!

When I’m in, I’m pleased I’m in but I’m not sure it’s enjoyable.  I can wade into the sea up to my tummy button, no trouble, but I struggle getting the bits above that into the water and certainly last time there was almost a burning sensation with the cold.

I think of the good it’s meant to be doing me (as long as I don’t get hypothermic) – stressing my body to potentially boost my immune system and generally give me a feel good feeling.  I so admire the ‘ladies who swim’ who glide effortlessly into the water and come out saying how wonderful it was.  I try to speak through uncontrollable shivering!

I think I’m hoping for an epiphany where I too say ‘isn’t the water wonderful’ when I’m in it and truly enjoy it.  For me, getting out, getting dry, getting a heap of warm clothes on and feeling a sense of achievement that I did get into the water and flounder around for a short time.  That is the best bit.


Lest we forget…

Beautiful crocheted poppies decorating an ex tender near the quay.
I was going to entitle this post ‘Yarn Bombing’, but realised it was probably inappropriate given the subject matter.

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