Nut Roast

More leftover soup – the gloop that just keeps on giving….with flatbreads made from pasta flour this time; they turned out fine. 

This evening, my first nut roast attempt, with roast spuds, kumara and carrots, with broccoli.  The intention was to use up the rest of the rice and lentils in the nut mixture too, but I forgot.  Argh!
I’m not really sure what the texture was meant to be either.  I tried to make it moist rather than dry, but perhaps it was a bit too soggy?

I read a lot this morning.   An article I found the other day: The BBC perhaps putting some perspective on things. Tackling coronavirus – “What are the impacts and consequences of the coronavirus pandemic on our lives and our societies – and what are some of the solutions we can find to boost our healthcare systems, secure our businesses, maintain our jobs and education, and stabilise financial markets and economies?”