Incredible weather

The Met Office is saying 21 degrees C, feels like 18.  I would say the the surprisingly warm breeze feels like 21 and that it’s more like 25+ in the sun!!  Beautiful, if you’re able to enjoy it.  Not if you can’t…

Our friends under a far more stringent lockdown in Fuerteventura say it’s 30+ degrees out there.  200m or so from this sea, they only catch glimpses of it from the end of their road when they return from the shop.  Similarly, as we’ve had great weather here since lockdown, they’ve had days of consistent windsurfing wind there!!

My shopping excursion today would have been better arranged for earlier in the week, owing to the Easter weekend; the queue to get in was right around the car park.  I was reluctantly persuaded that smart shopping was ‘the way forward’, by a lovely lady who intimated there were quite a lot of stroppy people queuing today and that I was best off avoiding this at all costs!!  I actually quite enjoyed shooting everything that went into my trolley with a laser gun.

A lot more traffic on the roads and people driving like idiots.  Maybe the hot weather, or the effects of stir-crazy.  Devon and Cornwall Police (not sure how legit this is) posting on Facebook, telling people not to visit Devon and Cornwall until this is all over, yet holdups because of overturned caravans on the M5.  Essential behaviour?

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by someone we met in Greece posting a video of a Greek gyros on FB, but also by the weather.  I made gyros pita breads and filled the gyros with halloumi and tzatziki, tomatoes and lettuce.  Who knew yoghurt, garlic, lemon, salt and pepper tasted so good!?!  (We had no dill and our flatmate considers cucumber the work of the devil, so it was omitted.)  Best part though, the single can of Mythos found at the back of the cupboard!!