Our last afternoon and following morning were spent in Carcassonne, exploring La Cite.  This medieval fortress gradually fell into disrepair until the mid 1800’s when it was largely restored by  architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc.

Porte nabonnaise

Legions of biscuits, closely monitored by the saleswomen, so that any gaps are filled with military precision.


Chateau Comtal entrance

Port d’Aude

La Cite

Marked as a World Heritage site, the city is surrounded by vineyards, and wine and tourism are key industries.

Le Bars a Vins

A truly scrumptious meal was had here; huge salads, frites and pastis.  We just about managed to get home without getting soaked as the sweltering, muggy weather finally broke.

Precarious perch

Carcassonne sunset

Slightly cooler and dull the next morning, we timed the showers to perfection and really did just manage to miss getting sodden.

Carcassonne morning

Port d’Aude

From Pont Vieux

Courtyard Chateau Comtal

Toward the Basilique

This looks suspiciously Celtic to me…

Those Celts get everywhere!