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Bigbury Windsurf Weekend 17/18 Nov 2018

It was howling from the east – perfect for Bigbury.  Unfortunately my interested party didn’t have a sail small enough (a sub 4.5m handkerchief) and so had to sit it out 🙁

Those that participated, surfed hard.  They came in to replace broken kit and to grab a few minutes rest, before heading out for more; they looked shattered by the end!

It was an amazing spectacle to see so many on the water and Windsurf Plymouth kindly used one of my photos as their header.

Limoncello and torte – mine, all mine!

The lemons had been sweating over the vodka for some weeks, which is apparently the way to get a smoother tasting, less bitter brew, then for the final 15 minutes, rind is added for zing.

Limoncello, final ‘brewing’

I can vouch that the flavour was pretty good.  Strong, but good!

I felt obliged to also test the chocolate torte liberated from the freezer the day before.  I think it’s fair to say that the gluten free pastry was proportionally rather robust, but the ganache was great.

Limoncello and chocolate torte quality control

Rhubarb gin crumble

Rhubarb and ginger gin
Rhubarb and apple crumble

Yesterday I tasted the rhubarb and ginger gin and decided it had ‘proved’ enough, so removed the booze infused stems.

Today, rhubarb and apple crumble and custard.  And a feeling of being slightly tipsy!

Tomorrow, the sloe gin, and maybe the day after, the limoncello.  Hic…

First Frost

The grass was crunchy, the iced up car said it was 1ÂșC outside and at Ottery St Mary, even the deserted funfair dodgems were frozen!

It was perishing, but worth the early start to see the river banks seemingly encrusted with diamonds and the water steaming.  Within the hour it had all gone.


Sheldon Plantation

Yup, more trees!!  This time with a hint of the tropics in looks, but certainly not in temperature!