Arles bustles with a massive market each Saturday morning, selling anything and everything; from locally produced fruit and vegetables, to lavender, cheese, meat, olives, pastries and sweets, to colourful baskets, clothing and cloth, housewares, trinkets and much more….

Market from the cafe
Dried fruits
Lions in the Place de la Republique

Arles has many designated Unesco World Heritage sites; the arena or amphitheatre and the Gallo-Roman theatre being two.

Arles arena inner
Arles arena pens
Arles arena
Rhone view from the tower
View from the tower
Arena outside
Arles theatre

We stayed in Mas Thibert for two nights, visiting Arles the second day and exploring the east side of the Camargue late afternoon and the following morning.  We crossed the Rhone each time, using the Bac de Barcarin (kind of Spanish France meets Torpoint ferry) and finally drove out through Villeneuve and St Gille, to the toll roads, then headed south.  I didn’t realise how close we were to Spain and in earlier times the boundaries were even further north, just outside Carcassonne, accounting for the massive Spanish influence of the region.