Arashiyama amble

From Shimoyoshida to Otsuki, Hachioji, Shin-Yokohama and eventually Kyoto, my hutch has been upgraded somewhat. Regulation pyjamas and TV!  Leaving a cloud covered Mt Fuji behind at 9.26, we finally arrived in Arashiyama, Kyoto around 3.45, starting on the Thomas the Tank engine and friends train and ending in our first Shinkansen bullet train, with its slightly duck billed nose.  According to my maths we averaged 129mph, but whilst the exaggerated camber suggested speed it didn’t feel that fast.

Arashiyama has a very touristy vibe to it and perhaps the equinox is a celebration day because there was lots more parading by the local youffs.  We took a recce walk to the bamboo grove, but it was getting dark and we got slightly thwarted by a train cutting through the middle so went and got food instead.  An early night to recoup.