I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps I was a 1950’s housewife in another life!

I bought this top a few years ago in a charity shop, because I really liked the colour of it (and colours in it) and the sleeves, but have never liked the flappy things at the front, which you tie together.  I’ve always meant to get rid of them somehow, but without ruining the top, hence never quite getting round to it and just wearing it anyway.

There’s a proper term for ‘cutting and shutting’ knitted fabric, but it eludes me.  Anyway, I Googled what you should do, then ended up only doing half of it, because the edging/hem once removed, didn’t have any stitches needing catching.  It’s not the neatest, still not quite finished, but it’ll do for me and I have a new jumper!

I sat outside to do some of it and was serenaded beautifully by this little chap:  Robin